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We mainly manufacture this Round Bale Shredder for cutting silage bales but we can also cut grass, straw and hay bales. Out machine has the feature of PTO driven Chopper Rotor. The Drum is hydraulically fitted with the bale during the chopping operation. If we distribute uniformly in whole machine than we ca get the smoother shape of outlets.
Briquetting  The right decision for -
Biomass Briquetting Plant  Cutting Silage Bales
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Biomass Briquetting Plant Manufacturer  High Utilisation of Forage Feeds

This heavy sprocket is fitted between the hydraulic motor and the drum, If we fit together with the solid guide rollers make drum running. We can adjusted the rotation speed of the drum and therefore we can also hydraulic adjusted distribution rate. We supplied all required things for tractors, additionally also optional flow regulator supplied.

The Optional Loading Device is loading the Balesvery easily. This loading system operates In two stages :
Biomass Briquetting Plant Supplier  The Loading Arms Grip available with Standing Bale in each side.
Biomass Briquetting Technology India  The Arms Swing the Bale into the Chopper for Cutting.
We can use this loading system which is well suited for silage bales. It also reduces the possibility of entering soil and dirt in the chopper. This machine does not need of any types of platform, we can put it on the land.
Technical Specifications RC 1500 RC 1800 Optional Equipment
      Hydraulic Loading Grab with Support Frame
Total length 2,5 m 2,5 m Cylinder for Loading Grab, for Bales >800 Kgs
Width 2,4 m 2,6 m Wheel and Drawbar Kit
Weight (empty) 800 kg 850 kg Oil Flow Regulator
Weight with loading arm 1050 kg 1100 kg Cable Remote Control for Outlet Flaps
Recommended max. bale size Ø 1,4 m Ø 1,7 m Hydraulic Remote Control for Outlet Flaps
Max. bale weight (standard) 800 kg 1000 kg Higher Out Blow Tower (1m)
(Two cylinders) 1000 kg - Rubber Extension for Chute Flap
PTO speed 540/1000 rpm - PTO Shaft with Friction Clutch / Freewheel
Note :
Biomass Briquetting Technology Supplier  Continuous Development of the product can change technical specifications.
Biomass Briquetting Technology Exporter  Please check the valid price list.
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