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Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Plant Manufacturer
Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Plant Manufacturer

Briquetting Plant Model

Briquetting  Briquetting Plant Model :
We have developed Four models of Briquetting Plant depending on to production capacity, size of raw material and finished product.
Briquetting  SUPER - 60 Model
Briquetting Manufacturer  SUPREME - 70 Model
Briquetting Exporter  POWDER MAKING Unit
Briquetting Supplier  LAYOUT OF SUPER - 60 & SUPREME - 70 Model
Briquetting India  JUMBO - BRQ 9050 & JUMBO - BRQ 9075 MODEL
Biomass Briquetting
Briquette Briquetting Plant Supplier, Briquetting Plant India Biomass Briquetting
Agro Waste Briquetting
Briquetting Machine  SUPER - 60 MODEL :
Our first model is Super-60 which is developed by us. It requires hammer mill for powder form of material this is its main disadvantage. but yet it is the best model used for medium production capacity with minimum investment.
Jumbo 90 Production Capacity :: 600-750 Kg/Hr
Biomass Briquetting System Finished product Size :: 60 mm Diameter
Biomass Briquetting Press Finished Product Shape :: Cylindrical
Biomass Briquetting Machine Plant Raw Material form :: Powdery
Briquettings Machine System Process Cost/MT (Approx) :: IRs.450/-
Briquetting Plants India  SUPER - 70 MODEL :
Super 70 is the latest model of super-60 model. This Super 70 model is used for higher production than Super-60 (750 to 1000 Kg/hr) and less capital investment than Jumbo-90 Model. Super 70 required hammer mill for converting powder form into raw material.
Briquetting Plant Supplier Production Capacity :: 700-1000 Kg/Hr
Biomass Briquetting Technology Finished product Size :: 70 mm Diameter
Biomass Briquetting Plant Finished Product Shape :: Cylindrical
Biomass Briquetting Market Raw Material form :: Powdery
Agro Briquette Process Cost/MT (Approx) :: IRs.400/-

Briquetting India  POWDER MAKING UNIT :

Both Super 60 & Super 70 models only use powder form as raw material so it is necessary to required powder making unit. Powder making unit parts of :
Briquettings Plant India Screw Conveyor :: Regular feeding of Raw Material up to Hammer Mill
Briquette Hammer Mill :: Reducing size of Raw Material up to powdery form
Briquetting Mzachine Manufacturer India Blower, pipe, cyclone & Air lock :: Transporting the processed Raw Material
Briquetting Plants Supplier Holding Bin :: Storage of powdery Raw material
Briquette Plant Screw Conveyor :: Convey the material up to Briquetting press
Briquetting  LAYOUT OF SUPER - 60 & SUPREME - 70 MODEL :
Briquette Machine  Briquetting press Bioamss Briquette Machine  Blower
Briquetting Machine India Exporter  Screw conveyor Renewable Briquetting  Cyclone
Manufacturers of Briquetting  Hammer Mill Supplier and Exporter of Briquetting  Ground flooring
Briquette Gujarat  Holding Bio Briquetting Rajkot  Rotary Air lock
Briquettes Supplier India  Screw Conveyor for R.M. Feeding Briquetting Gujarat Manufacture  Die Holder (output of Briquettes)
Briquetting Rajkot  Holding Bin Biomass Briquetting Equipment  Connecting pipe
Biomass Briquetting Equipment India  Space for Raw material Biomass Briquetting Equipmen Machine  Main Electric Motor
Briquetting Machine
Briquetting Manufacturer
Biomass Briquetting Machine Briquetting Machine Exporter, Briquetting Plant India Briquetting Plants India
Biomass Briquetting Supplier

Briquetting  JUMBO - BRQ 9050 & JUMBO-BRQ 9075 MODEL :

The JUMBO - BRQ product is one of the best product of us. JUMBO - BRQ are available in two types as JUMBO-BRQ 9050 & JUMBO-BRQ 9075 Model. JUMBO - BRQ has Jumbo production capacity with low operation cost. in compare to above two models. has some Some latest modifications and use of latest technology make it more effordable and most effective model.
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