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Bio Coal Briquett Plants  TURBO DRYER ( TD 450 L ) :

This Turbo Dryer Machine is widely used for suspension drying of fibrous materials. In this fibrous materials there are many materials like bagasse, jute, coir pitch and many more. This dryers have the maximum moisture of 35%.

Renewable Briquette Machine  GENERAL DESCRIPTION :
Standard Scope Of Supply :
Agro Briquetting Plant System  Vibrating Screen.
Agro Briquettes Product  Screw feeder is made from heavy gauge steel which is used to regulate feeding of material into air stream with feed hopper. For removing metal pieces and stones Material Trap is widely used.
Agro Briquette Machine Plant in India  For Rotational Movement, Turbo Jet Vane is used in flashing chamber.
Agro Briquette Machine Plant in Gujarat  Single Suspension Drying Column.
Agro Briquette Machine Plant in Rajkot  Large Capacity of Low Pressure Centrifugal Fan with Replaceable Blade Impeller.
Briquette Machine Plant  Air Trap Duct.
Briquette Plant Manufacturer in India  Motors for Screw, Vibrating Screen and Fan.
Briquette Plant Manufacturer in Rajkot  Temperature Indication Control Panel for all motors.
Wood waste Brikets Machine   Technical Specification :
  MODEL TD 450 L
Briquette Plant Project Manufacturer in India Moisture Evaporation Capacity* ( Kgs/Hr )t 450
Briquette Plant Project Manufacturer in Rajkot Output (Kgs/ Hr.) 1500
Briquette Plant Project Manufacturer  
in gujarat Input Moisture (Max. %) 35
Briquette Project India Exporters Outlet Moisture (Min. %) 15
Briquette Project Manufacturer in India Centrifugal Fan Motor (H.P.) 12.5
Briquettes Plant Manufacturer in India Vibrating Screen [H.P.] 1.0
Briquettes Plant Manufacturer in Gujarat Screw Conveyor Motor (H.P.) 1.5
    *Technical modifications reserved
Briquettes Plant Manufacturer in Rajkot  Not Included in the Scope of Supply
Hot air generator & insulation dryer column.
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