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Manufacturer of Briquetting Plant in India, Asia, Africa, Europe, Usa, America, UK, Gujarat, Nepal, Ahmedabad
Briquetting Machine

Examples of Calorific value

Briquetting Plants Manufacturer in India Groundnut Shell 4524 K. 3.80 %
Briquetting Plants Manufacturer in Gujarat Bagasse 4380 K. 1.80 %
Briquetting Plants Manufacturer in Rajkot Castor Seed Shells 3862 K. 8.00 %
Briquetting Plant India Saw Dust Briq. 3898 K. 8.20 %
Briquetting Plants Exporter Cotton Stalks / Chips 4252 K. 3.00 %
Briquetting Plant Manufacturer Bamboo Dust 4160 K. 8.00 %
Briquetting Plant Manufacturer in Gujarat Babool [Wood] 4707 K. 0.90 %
Briquetting Plant Manufacturer in India Coffee Husk 4045 K. 5.30 %
Briquetting Plant Manufacturer in Rajkot Tobacco Waste 2910 K. 31.50 %
Briquetting Plant Exporter Tea Waste 4237 K. 3.80 %
Briquetting India Paddy Straw 3469 K. 15.50 %
Briquetting Mustard Stalk 4200 K. 3.40 %
Briquetting Machine India Mustard Shell 4300 K. 3.70 %
Briquetting Exporter Wheat Straw 4100 K. 8.00 %
Briquetting Manufacturer in India Sunflower Stalk 4300 K. 4.30 %
Briquetting Machine Manufacturer Jute Waste 4428 K. 3.00 %
Biomass Briquetting Palm Husk 3900 K. 4.90 %
Biomass Briquetting Manufacturer Soya bean Husk 4170 K. 4.10 %
Biomass Briquetting Exporter Sugarcane 3996 K. 10.00 %
Biomass Briquetting Supplier Barks Wood 1270 K. 4.40 %
Biomass Briquetting Machine Forestry Waste 3000 K. 7.00 %
Biomass Briquetting Machine in Rajkot Coir Pitch 4146 K. 9.10 %
Biomass Briquetting Machine Manufacturer Rice Husks 3200 K. 19.20 %
Biomass Briquetting Machine Manufacturer in India Wood Chips 4785 K. 1.20 %
Biomass Briquetting Machine Exporter  We use agricultural waste as a raw materials for our project. this act is known as “Best from waste”. From our project, we can get back Bio-Coal from the wastages.
Biomass Briquetting Machine Supplier  Agro, Forestry & Industrial Wastages are used as raw material in our project and the outcome products is called as Briquettes.
Biomass Briquetting Plant  The used Raw Material in this project giving us the Best thing from Waste thing.
Biomass Briquetting plant Exporter  For performing this project, this project requires minimum 1000 Sq.meter space for working & storage space for materials. This project also requires 40 to 90 HP powers as per using different types of models.
Biomass Briquetting Technology Supplier  Generally, This project do not require any special land or shed. But if weprovide suitable space for manufacturing, so we get the high result in production and storage.
Biomass Briquetting Technology Exporter  This project is widely used for converting Low-Density Biomass into High-Density Biomass Fuel. This high density Biomass Fuel is known as Briquettes / Bio-coal or White - Coal.
Biomass Briquetting Project  We use Agricultural or Forestry Waste for making Briquettes. We can use these Briquettes use instead of Solid Fuels like Coal or Wood. We can also use thes Briquettes in various types of thermal applications.
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