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Briketting machine America  Briquetting Plant JUMBO - BRQ 9050
Asia Briquette Machine  Briquetting Plant JUMBO - BRQ 9075
Pellet Machine  JUMBO-BRQ 9050 & JUMBO - BRQ 9075
Briquett America  Super 60
Coal Briquetting Plant  JUMBO - BRQ 9050 & JUMBO-BRQ 9075 Model
Briquetting Machine
Briquetting Manufacturer Biomass Briquetting Plant Manufacturer India Briquetting Exporter
Briquetting Supplier
This type of model is cused when we want the same production capacity at low production cost of 75 HP Model.
Wood waste Brikets machine Production Capacity :: 1100-1200 Kg/Hr
Fuel Briquetting Plant Finished product Size :: 90 mm Diameter
Renewable Briquetting Plant Project Finished Product Shape :: Cylindrical
Renewable Briquette Machine Process Cost / MT (Approx) :: IRs.300/-
Briquetting  THE FEATURE OF JUMBO-BRQ 9050 :
Bio Coal Briquetting Machine High Production Capacity.
Agro Briquette Plant Complex structure with Simple Design.
Bio Coal Machine Manufacturer Ability upto 20 mm size of Raw Material.
Fuel Briquette Machine Plant Easy Operating System.
Energy Briquetting Plant System Finishing Product at high density with 90 mm diameter.
Briquetting Press Lowest Production Cost per MT.
Briquetting Manufacturer Low Electric Consumption because of Direct Feeding without Hammer Mill.
Briquette Project India Exporters Low Maintenance Cost.
Briquette Manufacturer High Production Capacity .
Briquette Machine Plant No loss of Production & Air Pollution.
Agro Briquettes Product Production Capacity :: 1200-1500 Kg/Hr
Bio Coal Machine Finished product Size :: 90 mm Diameter
Bio Coal Fuel Machine Finished Product Shape :: Cylindrical
Biomass Briquetting System India Process Cost / MT (Approx) :: IRs.350/-
Briquetting  THE FEATURE OF JUMBO-BRQ 9075 :
Biomass Briquetting Market High Production Capacity.
Biomass Briquetting Equipment Complex structure with simple design.
Biomass Briquetting Project Supplier Ability upto 20 mm size of Raw Material.
Biomass Briquetting Project India Easy Operating system.
Biomass Briquetting Technology Exporter Finishing Product at high density with 90 mm diameter.
Biomass Briquetting Plant Lowest Production Cost per MT.
Biomass Briquetting Machine Manufacturer Low Electric Consumption because of Direct Feeding without Hammer Mill.
Biomass Briquetting Low Maintenance Cost.
Briquetting Gujarat High Production Capacity.
Briquetting Manufacturer No loss of Production & Air Pollution.
Briquetting JUMBO-BRQ 9050 & JUMBO - BRQ 9075 :
Backside Conveyor with Side Elevation.
Briquetting Plants
  Briquetting press Briquetting Plants
 Rajkot  Open Terrace
Fuel Briquetting Machinery  Ground Flooring Biomass Briquetting Press  Reduction Gear
Briquetting Unit  Load Wheel Briquettes Machine  Water Tank
Briquett  Space for Row Material Briquette Project  Screw Conveyor
Briquetting Equipment  Funnel (Kupy) Biomass Briquetting  Main Electric Motor
Wood waste Brikets machine  Electric Motor Fuel Briquetting Biomass Machine  Flat Belt
Renewable Briquettes  Bricks Wall of Shade Bio Coal Briquetting Machine  Die Holder
Briquetting Machine
Biomass Briquetting
Biomass Briquetting Manufacturer JUMBO Biomass Briquetting Plant India Biomass Briquetting Supplier
Biomass Briquetting Exporter
Briquetting  JUMBO - BRQ 9050 & JUMBO-BRQ 9075 MODEL :
Now a days, Indian binder less technology is the very much popular & successful technology in the world. This technology is the most suitable in Indian Condition. we can get more raw materials available in this condition from various in different seasons.

This Binder Less Briquetting technology mostly use Cellulose Agro Waste for the production of Briquettes. in Cellulose Agro Waste there are many types of wastes which are such as Bagasse & Saw Dust, Groundnut Shells, Rice Husk, Cotton Stalk, Custard Shelland many more. For making Cylindrical Briquettes, we must apply High Heat Process.
Bio Briquetting Plant & Machine Technology is widley used in many countries like Switzerland, U.S.A. Denmark, Canada, Brazil, and U.K.
Briquette Project Manufacturer Briquetting Plant have two Major Units.
Manufacturer Briquetting Plant Project Sizing Up Unit which is also known as Powder making units Briquetting unit.
Exporter Briquetting Press Briquetting Unit.
Briquetting  SIZING UP UNITS :
We can get different types of Raw materials from different regions. We can use these raw materials for convertnig them into into Powder Form. Our Briquetting plants are also able to mixed up all different raw materials and then make them into powder form. This Sizing Up unit is only require SUPER-60.
this processed raw materials are used in Briquetting Press by using Screw Conveyor. These Raw Materials are passing through Taper Die and Punch of Briquetting Press. In Briquetting Press, there is very High Pressure & Heat, p so these Powder Form converts into Solid Cylindrical Briquettes and it also convert in Liquid Form. It becomes Binder.
       SUPER 60 :
Briquettes are made from this Press is 60mm Die. and on production basis it is in two types, one gives 550 Kg. /Hrs and the other gives 750Kg./Hrs. production.
Saw Dust Briquette Machine Production Capacity :: 750 Kg. /Hrs Cam Shaft Type
Saw Dust Briquette Size :: 70 mm Diameter
Rice Husk Briquettes Plant  
Shape :: Cylindrical
Briquette Plant Raw Material Form :: Powdery
Briquett press Process Cost/MT (Approx) :: IRs.300/-
Throw 90mm Total Stroke length 180 mm
Briquetting  JUMBO 90 :
Briquettes are made from this press is 90mm Die. It does not need Powder Making Units and it produced 1500Kg. /Hrs production.
Agro Briquette Machine Production Capacity :: 1500 Kg. /Hrs Cam Shaft Type
Jumbo Briquetting Press Size :: 90 mm Diameter
Coal Briquette Plant Project Shape :: Cylindrical
Coal Briquette Machine Raw Material Form :: UP to 25mm Max.
Briquetting Manufacturer & Exporter Process Cost/MT (Approx) :: IRs.350/-
Throw 100 mm Total Stroke length 200 mm.
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