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The BRQ Series Briquetting Presses :
We are the reputed manufactuer and exportre company of Briquetting Presses. The Briquetting Presses have the Crank type Mechanical Press having with Two Flywheels. Among them, One Flywheel is used for the main Motor form Continuous Flat Belt. Our Briquetting Presses have Forced Lubrication Oil Circulating System for giving a Long Service Life. The Hopper is used Ground material with a vertical screw with it’s own Gearbox and motor. The vertical screw is used for forcing material downwards in Feeding Chamber.
The Cost of Coal is very high with lower Quality in India. Many of people face this problem so they are wanting newer ways of energy.

Briquetting  Briquettes have Several Advantages over Coal and other Fuels :

Briquetting Machine Equipment  Higher Boiler Efficiency more than Firewood or Loose Biomass because of Low Moisture. Higher Bulk Density & Lower Ash produced.
Biomass Briquette Plants System  Reduced Fly Ash at Briquettes are burnt.
Biomass Briquetting Machine India  Uniform Combustion more than Coal and Boiler due to Higher Quantity of  Briquettes.
Briquetting Machine Plants  It doesn’t produced Sulfur Coal.
Manufacturer and Supplier of Briquetting  Neutralized Carbon Renewable Fuel.
Biomass Briquette Manufacturer  Similer Quality & Easy in clean and handle.
Briquetting  We have developed Technology for Briquetting any type of Biomass. So we have Briquetted the following different types of Materials :
Briquette Plant Machine Saw Dust Briquette Plant System RiceHusk
Biomass Briquetting Market Sander and Bamboo Dust Biomass Briquetting Gujarat Peanut Shell
Briquetting Exporter Mustard Stalk Briquetting Supplier SugarCanePulp
Briquettings Manufacturer CottonStalk Biomass Briquetting Press Plants Maize Straw
Briquetting Manufacturer CoffeeHusk Biomass Briquetting Plants Pine Needles
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