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Briquette - New Green Solution To Pollution

Every single day lots of agro-forestry wastes are generated all around globe. It is huge problem to keep, handle and manage these agro wastes. It has low bulk density, calorific values and when it got fire creates pollution.

Briquette is divergent thinking that is renewable energy source made by using of agro-forestry waste. It gives high calorific values, bulk density and fuel efficiency due to less moisture. Manufacturing cost of biomass briquettes is very low due to its raw material is easy to get.

Briketting machine America

As the petroleum products price goes peak high, so people can divert to use of unconventional source of energy. Briquetting plant is machine to manufacture bio fuel from agro forestry waste. Furthermore, the output of this machine is very environmentally friendly, pollution free collated with other regular energy sources. To set up biomass briquette machine is despondent and gainful investment that gives high profit within a short span.

The variety of our machinery and equipment is extremely versatile and may be personalized to client’s specifications. Our range of machines in briquetting field is improved by personally developed, comprehensive testing programs and the equipment required for planning the machines and systems.