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Introduction of Biomass Briquettes

We know very well the importance of fuel. We also know that without fuel whole world and all industries are closed. Day by days, there is a huge shortage of Coal, Natural Gases, Kerosene, Diesel, Lignite. So their prices are also going to high and high. As the result of this position, people are looking for something new way of fuel. So people start using of Biomass Briquettes. The Biomass Briquettes are usually very eco-friendly and also give us eco- friendly electricity in Country. So we can say that it is worldwide necessity of Biomass Briquettes. These Biomass Briquettes are capable to fulfill the shortage of Fuels and also giving the best results at very affordable price comparison with other energies.

What is Biomass Briquettes?

Biomass Briquettes are generally made from the agriculture waste, forestry waste and industrial waste. Biomass Briquettes are changed into solid cylindrical form from different form. Biomass Briquettes are mainly manufacture from Grain Husk, Java Husk, Coir Frequency, Jute Stays, Sugarcane bagasse, Groundnut Cover, Mustard Stalks, Silk cotton Stalks, Sawdust, Caster Seeds Covers and Stalk, Wood Poker chips, Bamboo bedding and sheets Dust, Cigarettes Throw away, Teas Throw away, Paddy Hay, Rice Hay, Sunflower Stalk, Hand Husk, Soyabean Husk, Veneer Residues, Barks & Straws, Forestry squander, Vegetables Conditions and many others. Briquettes are the only way of binding. Biomass Briquettes are made from these parts and also producing large calorific value Cal/kg. the process we use to binding wastages is known as Binder less Technology.

Briquettes do not require any types of Binder or Chemicals. Presently, many countries who are using this technology are ready to promote this technology. The major advantage of this technology is low air pollution and easy in use. For India, this technology is very fastest growing technology because India is Agricultural Country. Government of India is also taking interest in this technology by giving incentives to the producer, plant holder and user of Briquettes. Briquettes are widely used in Steam Generation in Boilers, Heating Purpose.

Currently, this technology is widely used in the Industries like Paper Mills, Solvent Extraction Plants, Vegetable Plant, Chemical Plant, Textile Units, Dying House, Food Processing Units, Milk Plant, Sugarcane Mills, Leather Industries, Laminating Industries etc. The higher use of this technology signifies that the Briquettes are very helpful in every industry. In our personal life, everything which we use are made from this technology and Briquettes.

Biomass Briquettes & Biomass Briquetting Plant

The Equipment which is used to make Briquettes from different types of wastes such as Agricultural Waste, Forestry Waste, and Industrial Waste is known as the Biomass Briquetting Plant. We manufacture various types of Biomass Briquetting Plants. We manufacture these machines only as per the original need and the requirements. Presently, We producing mainly three types of Briquetting Plants for supplying. Here In India the agro waste is available in very high quantity and we can provide the suitable machine. Our Biomass Briquetting Plants do not use any type o Bindings or Chemicals. Briquettes do not need of heat or any electrical equipment. So this technology is known as Binder less Technology.