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Biomass Briquetting Project

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Briquetting Projects. These Projects are known as Biomass Briquetting Plant”. in these projects we use Agro waste, Forestry waste and Industrial waste as a raw material which are used to converting into Biomass Briquettes / Bio - Coal. The Biomass Briquetting Projects are the innovative way for producing energy in different way. Our Biomass Briquetting Projects do not produce any types of polutions so they are healthy environmental and economical projects. They are completely Eco-friendly Green Energy Projects.

We are very much aware for the importance of Energy and its sources. In every Economic Development, Energy is the main factor for every Country. Presently, Demand of energy is highly increasing day by day and the natural resources are very much limited and are going to empty. Now a days, All types of Fossil Fuels are at their very low level which is the Red Alert for all over the world. These Fossil Fuels, there are many type such as like Petrol, Kerosene, Natural Gas, LPG, and Lignite and many more. We widely used these Fossil Fuels from a long time, so these are going to empty. therefore now a days, there is a very big gap between the demand and supply of energy. These Fossil Fuels are also known as Renewable Energy. This Renewable Energy is made up from Fossils and the making time is very hugh so it is not good way to use this types of Fuels. For facing this problem, the ultimate solution which can fill this gap is the Boimass Briquetting. Lots of Advanced Countries have used this concept and accepted this project. they also like to retaining their natural resources to get the solution of energy and fuels. Our renewable energy projects are very much suitable for the Agricultural based Countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and African countries. Because in these countries, there are a very big availability of agro-forestry waste which is used as raw material in our projects so it is very good in industrial based countries. Our machines made up energy for Industries from Agro - Forestry waste. Our Machines also able to save the Global environment and to produce green energy..

Our Main concept of this Biomass Briquetting Project is to producing the economical material as a Bio - Coal, which is made from the Agricultural Wastages. We are not capable to destroy totally these Agricultural wastages, but we invent a outstanding way to save the environment aslo produced the renewable fuel such as the Briquettes from our Briquetting Plants. These Briquettes are widely produce the energy.
Our main Concept is as "To provide the energy in low cost is the main concept of the project"

Biomass Briquettes & Biomass Briquetting Plant

The Equipment which is used to make Briquettes from different types of wastes such as Agricultural Waste, Forestry Waste, and Industrial Waste is known as the Biomass Briquetting Plant. We manufacture various types of Biomass Briquetting Plants. We manufacture these machines only as per the original need and the requirements. Presently, We producing mainly three types of Briquetting Plants for supplying. Here In India the agro waste is available in very high quantity and we can provide the suitable machine. Our Biomass Briquetting Plants do not use any type o Bindings or Chemicals. Briquettes do not need of heat or any electrical equipment. So this technology is known as Binder less Technology.